Nov 8, 2015
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Best 60th (Diamond) Wedding Wishes & Quotes

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Best 60th (Diamond) Wedding Wishes & Quotes


It’s your Diamond Anniversary, For an especially sparkling pair, 60 years have come and gone, In all those years you’ve cared, You’ve built so many memories, With friends and family too, Let’s raise a glass and wish you well, While sending our love to you!

On your diamond wedding anniversary I wish you all the best. May all your dreams come true. Or have you fulfilled all your dreams already?

We had our fair share of good times and bad Joys and sorrows, happy and sad We’ve raised up a family, daughter(s) and son(s) And through all these times, I knew you were the one. We’ve travelled the country, we wanted to roam But always were happy to return to our home Looking back on the memories, my next words are true I wouldn’t have done it with anyone but you. Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart.

60 years of memories Since you both said I do, You’ve shared the ups and downs of life And saw your dreams come true, Congratulations to you both Hope you have a fabulous day, May every new tomorrow Be as happy as today

60 years together I hope you got a Diamond or two on this special day We wish you all the very best wishes for your special Anniversary

Sixty Years of marriage How Special That Is Diamonds are forever they say and Your Love Will last forever Have a very Happy Anniversary

That magical number 60, Is special to both of you. It shows the love and commitment, That sparkles loud and true. We wish you a Happy Diamond Anniversary!

On our diamond anniversary with silver in our hair just remember all our memories and let me take you there

how the years have flown by for you pair of lovebirds still as much in love as you ever were! heres to you two on your sparkling occasion!

Congratulations on this your special day, sixty happy years together, so we send this card to say all love, health and happiness, not just today but forever.

Because you’re both so special, I hope your day holds in store. Many happy hours that overflow, With all you`re wishing for. And hope the days that follow it, Make up a year that brings, Everything that you deserve, Full of happy happenings. Happy Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary I hope you have a Diamond Day!! With Lot’s of Love

I wish you all the best on your 60. Wedding anniversary. If I get married I hope for such a successful marriage as you have had it for the past 60 years.

A Diamond has many facets It’s wealth is beyond compare, It sparkles in the sunlight and glistens everywhere, So 60 years of marriage is not to be ignored, You are a couple so special, You are a couple adored, You may not own many diamonds, But your love is worth much more, You mean so much to each other, You couldn’t ask for anything more.

On this your special anniversary, which is shared by the two of you, 60 years of wedded bliss, since the day you said i do, 60 years of memories, again shared by you two we raise a glass of happiness, to congratulate both of you

All the best wishes for this special anniversary. Your love seems to be as solid as a diamond

You got married 60 years ago and the party is still going on. All the best for your diamond wedding.

Now you two have reached that special day seen only by a few you celebrate sixty years together now it’s diamonds from me to you

You’re more special to me than a world of wealth I couldnt be happy with anyone else Happy Diamond Anniversary

60 years together How happy you must be Love to last so long is rare in this day What is the secret, we wonder if we would care to ask, I bet you would say Respect each other and talk things out. Maybe you could talk to others and explain love lasts forever. Have a Wonderful Wonderful Day and many more years

Have a Happy Diamond Wedding A day that’s filled with fun And remember 60 years ago When two became one!

Congratulations on being Married for 60 Years You are a Wonderful Couple and hope that on this your Diamond Wedding Anniversary you have a Diamond Day

We wish this lucky couple lots of health, luck and success on your 60. Wedding Anniversary.

And they said it would never work . . . Guess they were wrong! Best Wishes and Congratulations on your Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Diamonds are forever Oh yes this is true 60 years ago We both said ‘I do’ Loving your Forever Has been nothing but pleasure To my darling Husband I love you more than ever Happy 60th anniversary with special love!

60 years you have been wed It’ll never last was often said Congrats to you both I want to say And Happy Anniversary Day

The secret for a long and happy marriage seems to be lifted because you two have been married for 60 years now. All the best for your diamond wedding.

The seasons come and the years pass by But love will always stay And you two have the sweetest gift of all, A Diamond Wedding Day!

Sixty years together, your diamond anniversary, we hope your day is special in each and every way.

Shine Like a Diamond. When you two are in the room, you shine like a diamond, are as warm as a diamonds light, as cool as a diamonds facet, and as brilliant as any diamond I have seen. Congratulations on your Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Many years have passed us by I often think and wonder why We’re so lucky to have each other To our children your a wonderful mother. As my wife I couldn’t choose better I still have your very first letter You gave to me on our first date You definitely are my beautiful soulmate. Happy Diamond Anniversay

60 years together How wonderful that is It shows that Diamonds are for always 60 years is a Diamond Day Which will be for always in memories for you Have an absolutely wonderful Anniversary and enjoy Your Always Day

Somewhere there waiteth in this world of ours for one lone soul, another lonely soul – Each chasing each through all the weary hours, And meeting strangely at one sudden goal; Then blend they – like green leaves with golden flowers, Into one beautiful and perfect whole – And life’s long night is ended, and the way Lies open onward to eternal day.

Very few couple reach the Diamond date, So in honour of your 60th year, It’s time to celebrate! So raise a glass to each other, A toast to love and to life, For a wonderful thing happened, 60 years ago, When you became husband and wife!

Diamonds have their sparkle, That can be seen from every view. But these years we’ve had together Will always shine on through.

It started with a simple ring, All those years ago, And now you have a ‘jewelry store’ That continues to grow. 25 years of bliss had proved, You’d made a good selection Reaching silver, you went on to 40th When a ruby joined your collection Another decade flew by In matrimonial happiness You attained gold…the pinnacle Of blissful weddedness And now you’re at a stage, Reached by very few 60 years brings diamond Congrats to both of you.

On your Diamond Anniversary All the diamonds in the world Cannot outshine the diamonds you found When you found each other. Happy Anniversary!

So we send our congratulations, with love and so much pride, because your love is special as you stand each day side by side.

We send you all our love on this very special day Sixty years of giving happiness, love and loyalty to each other must not go unmarked. We wish you many more years of love and good health together. CONGRATULATIONS

I hope that we will never part Ive loved you since we met You have a place within my heart My love, you wont regret

All the best on your 60. Wedding day. I hope you two will have a lot more years to come

He is the boss and she lets him believe it – thats the real secret behind a successful marriage which lasts 60 years already.

Married for 60 Years With not many tears Only tears of Joy You are an example Of How love and communication Can last so long Please have a Very Happy Wedding Anniversary

I am sending you 60 hugs for your diamond wedding. May lots of years full of luck, healthiness and happiness will follow.

A perfect couple in so many ways You’ve been Husband and Wife for 60 years You were always meant to be together Then, and now, and for the rest of your days. Happy Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations to you both It’s an extra special day, This card is sent with so much love On this your Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

Diamonds are forever, our congratulations we send, to be married forever, is a wonder it is said, we wish you such happiness for all that is left and hope for more diamonds for your future ,you pair Happy diamond Anniversary

60 years youve been together, and youre still the best of friends, you’re both a pair of diamonds with a pure love that will never end.

A Diamond sparkles like the twinkle of love in your eyes as you gaze at each other. 60 years of love is rare, so we all congratulate you, on this wonderful day of celebration

Today you share your memories which only a diamond wedding could bring, all the years of wedded bliss since the day you exchanged rings and vows.

It’s said Diamonds are girls’ best friend As we have been together for so long I hope I am now your best friend You are my love, my life, my mate You are my best friend forever And trust no other, I love you so much HAPPY DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY

Diamonds are forever or so people often say And you the happy couple can certainly proove them right! We wish you a wonderful celebration And a day that is special and bright.

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