Oct 22, 2019
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Best Top 100 Lithuanian Quotes, Saying, Wishes and Proverbs

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Lithuanian: “Ne viskas – auksas, kas auksu žiba.” – English: “Not all that glitters is gold.”

Lithuanian: “Sena meilė nerūdyja.” – English: “An old love does not rust.”

Lithuanian: “Tylėjimas” – English: “sutikimas.” – English: “Those who do not reply to a request or accusation, or who raise no objection to something said or done, are assumed to have acquiesced.”

Lithuanian: “Kabinti makaronus [ant ausų]” – English: “hanging noodles on the ears) – to fool someone”

Lithuanian: “Man stogas važiuoja” – English: “my roof is riding away) – I’m going crazy”

Lithuanian: “Svetimi dūmai akis graužia.” – English: “Dry bread at home is better than roast meat abroad.”

Lithuanian: “Lašas po lašo ir akmenį pratašo.” – English: “Constant dropping wears the stone.”

Lithuanian: “Eina kaip žemę pardavęs.” – English: “Walking like he sold the earth.”

Lithuanian: “Sėdi kaip pabučiuotas.” – English: “Sitting like they were just kissed.”

Lithuanian: “Kai užsidaro durys, atidaro langas.” – English: “When the door closes, the window opens.”

Lithuanian: “Mieruok tris kartus, kirpk vieną kartą.” – English: “Measure thrice, cut once.”

Lithuanian: “Drumstame vandeny bepigu žuvauti.” – English: “It is good fishing in streamy water. It is good fishing in troubled waters.”

Lithuanian: “Žiūriu pro rožinius akinius”” – English: “meaning that a person sees everything positively. – Looking through pink glasses”

Lithuanian: “Šaukštai po pietų”” – English: “meaning too late. – Spoons after lunch.”

Lithuanian: “Žiūri pro rožinius akinius.” – English: “Looking through pink glasses.”

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Lithuanian: “Juokiasi puodas, kad katilas juodas.” – English: “The pot is laughing that the kettle is black.”

Lithuanian: “Obuolys nuo obels netoli krenta.” – English: “The apple does not fall far from the tree.”

Lithuanian: “Kas nedirba, tas nevalgo.” – English: “He who does not want to work, that cannot eat either. He that will not work, shall not eat.”

Lithuanian: “Katė glostoma kuprą kelią.” – English: “Cat patting leads to hump raising. The more you stroke the cat’s tail, the more he raises his back.”

Lithuanian: “Žuvis žuvį (gaudo ir) ryja.” – English: “Men are like fish; the great ones devour the small.”

Lithuanian: “Faktas kaip blynas” – English: “it’s a fact like a pancake) – it’s totally true”

Lithuanian: “Meška girioje, o skūrą jau rėžia.” – English: “Don’t sell the skin till you have caught the bear.”

Lithuanian: “Pilti iš tuščio į kiaurą” – English: “to pour from an empty container into a leaky one) – to speak without meaning”

Lithuanian: “Sėdi kaip pabučiuotas”” – English: “meaning that a person is daydreaming, fantasizing or is silent. – Sitting like they were just kissed”

Lithuanian: “Ką darai” – English: “daryk gerai Lithuanian: “– meaning to do your best at everything you’re doing. – Whatever you do, do it well”

Lithuanian: “Liga raita atjoja, pėščia išeina.” – English: “Misfortune comes on horseback and goes away on foot.”

Lithuanian: “Gera pradžia — pusė darbo.'” – English: “Well begun, is half done.”

Lithuanian: “Kaip senieji giedojo, taip jaunieji dainuoja.” – English: “Just as one calls into the forest, so it echoes back.”

Lithuanian: “Varna varnui akies nekirs.” – English: “Crows do not pick out crows’ eyes.”

Lithuanian: “Kaip pirštu į akį” – English: “like a finger in the eye) – when something is exactly correct or insightful”

aerial birds eye photography of blue lake and green trees and tiny boat

Photo by Humphrey Muleba from Pexels

Lithuanian: “Eina kaip žemę pardavęs”” – English: “meaning that a person is sad. – He’s walking like he sold the earth. “

Lithuanian: “Šiaučius be batụ, kriaučius be apsiausto.” – English: “The shoemaker is always barefooted.” – English: “The shoemaker goes barefoot.”

Lithuanian: “Ne viskas auksas, kas auksu žėri.” – English: “All that glimmers is not gold.”

Lithuanian: “Pirma padaryk darbą, o po to daryk ką nori”” – English: “meaning to do what’s necessary before doing anything you want. – First do the job, then do what you want”

Lithuanian: “Meta dievui į langus!” – English: “Throwing into God’s windows!”

Lithuanian: “Kaip senieji giedojo, taip jaunieji dainuoja.” – English: “What kind of parents, such children.”

Lithuanian: “Nuėjo šuniui ant uodegos” – English: “it left on the dog’s tail) – it was all in vain/all for naught”

Lithuanian: “Lengva pasakyti, bet ne padaryti”” – English: “meaning that it is easier said than done. – Easy to say, but not to do”

Lithuanian: “Neperšokęs griovio nesakyk op”” – English: “meaning don’t get happy before work is completed. Don’t say ‘whee’ before jumping over the pit.”

Lithuanian: “Beržinė košė” – English: “birch porridge) – a beating”

Lithuanian: “Nuo kvailumo vaistų nėra.” – English: “There is no medicine that can cure stupidity.”

Lithuanian: “Nevaryk dievo į medį” – English: “don’t drive God into a tree) – stop trying to grab more than you’ve got”

Lithuanian: “Koks tėvas, toks ir sūnus.” – English: “Such father, such son.”

Lithuanian: “Pjauti grybą” – English: “cutting a mushroom) – speaking nonsense”

Lithuanian: “Spardyk debesį” – English: “go kick a cloud) – take a hike!”

Lithuanian: “Reikalingas kaip šuniui penkta koja.” – English: “Needed like a fifth leg on a dog.”

Lithuanian: “Kam niežti, tas kasos.” – English: “If the shoe fits, wear it.”

Lithuanian: “Dievas davė dantis, Dievas duos ir duonos.” – English: “God gave teeth, God will provide the bread. Each day brings it own bread.”

Lithuanian: “Nereikalauk nieko iš kito, jei pats nieko neduodi”” – English: “meaning that you have to be fair. – Don’t take something from someone, if you don’t give anything to them”

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