Oct 23, 2015
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Sarcastic, Hate, Sour Bitter Birthday Quotes, Wishes & Sayings

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Sarcastic, Hate, Sour Bitter Birthday Quotes, Wishes & Sayings


You are amazing, wise, super cool, fantastic, brilliant, intelligent – don’t get too excited. I’m only saying all these things because it’s your birthday today. – Author Unknown

Don’t you think you should make your birthday celebration more mature this year? I agree. Instead of offering orange juice and cake, I think you should graduate to champagne, exotic wine, and caviar. Have a great birthday! – Author Unknown

We know it’s your birthday today, and you’re dying to throw us a splendid party. So here we are. Happy birthday! – Author Unknown

I wish I could give you birthday bumps but you’re growing too heavy with every passing year. So maybe not. But on that note – Happy birthday! – Author Unknown

If you want that we don’t ask you your real age today, just keep the chocolate and champagne coming for the rest of the week, and we’ll keep mum. Happy birthday! – Author Unknown

Be a cool cat and tell us where you’re going to throw us a party on your birthday. You know you can’t hide from us. Happy birthday! – Author Unknown

Keep celebrating and smiling as long as your body allows you to do it. After a few years, we’ll probably be saying happy birthday to each other from our rocking chairs. Happy birthday, buddy. Have a great one. – Author Unknown

I look forward to your birthday every year because I can party in the best places in town. Hey, at least I’m honest. Happy birthday! – Author Unknown

Since I don’t believe much in birthday surprises, let me tell you beforehand that I’m going to come to your place and expect to be treated with the best of drinks and a great party. Happy birthday and thanks in advance! – Author Unknown

I wonder why you are celebrating the fact that you’re turning older. Nevertheless, I will attend your birthday party. Happy birthday! – Author Unknown

We know you’re growing old, but you can always be young on the inside. Happy birthday, champ. – Author Unknown

Do you remember the last time I told you that you were an amazing person? Of course you don’t, because you’re growing old, and your memory is failing you. On that note, have a great birthday today. – Author Unknown

I honestly hate you. You didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just it hurts. It hurts to love you. So I’ve decided I hate you. Happy birthday! – Author Unknown

An amazing watch, a sexy outfit, a souvenir cap, or the latest PS2 game – I was wondering what I could buy you for your birthday. Don’t get too excited, though. None of that was in my budget. Here is a card instead. Happy birthday! – Author Unknown

It’s not your fault, buddy. No one can help that fact that you’re growing old. Haha! So you might as well enjoy it while getting there. – Author Unknown

Do you know why I hate you so much? Because I love to do so.. Happy Birthday! – Author Unknown

Thank God birthdays come only once a year. Otherwise, I’d be broke just giving you one gift after the other. Happy birthday! – Author Unknown

Do you know how you can set yourself apart from the millions of others in this world who share your birthday today? Just throw us a great party! Wishing you a very happy birthday! – Author Unknown

No matter how much I say I hate you, just know I still care. Happy birthday! – Author Unknown

Do you really expect us to bring you candles and birthday cake? We’re going to be exhausted because there are going to be so many candles to light. Happy birthday, old buddy! – Author Unknown

What are you so happy about? It’s your birthday, and you are going to have to spend a lot of money to keep us happy. Have fun doing it! Happy birthday! – Author Unknown

Have you really grown wiser this year or are you acting up because it’s your birthday today? Happy birthday! – Author Unknown

I don’t feel like wishing you a happy birthday. Because like everyone else, I don’t like reminding you that you are growing old. Happy birthday and stay young! – Author Unknown

I love you hurts more than I hate you when I know I can’t have you. Happy birthday! – Author Unknown

While you have teeth, I hope you keep smiling. Happy birthday! – Author Unknown

Keep some hangover pills ready. We’re going to make sure that you need them tomorrow morning. Happy birthday! – Author Unknown

We know that you’re becoming dull and forgetful with age but don’t you forget to give us some birthday cake. Happy birthday! – Author Unknown

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